Tad Wetterau endorsement

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shawn Becker since he began his law enforcement career with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. As a Detective with the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, I was excited when Shawn was promoted to Investigator Sgt. at the Sheriff’s Department as it created the opportunity to work more directly with him. I always enjoyed working cases that overlapped with the Departments that we represented because of Shawn’s willingness to share information and work collaboratively with other professional agencies. During the time that I worked with Shawn, I found he demonstrated numerous leadership abilities. I observed Shawn take on several challenging criminal investigations. As a result of Shawn’s leadership abilities and his willingness to take the lead investigative role, he solved countless criminal cases resulting in the arrest and conviction of the suspects involved. Within all the positions Shawn has held during his career, he has strongly demonstrated the knowledge, integrity, and experience it takes to run a successful Sheriff’s Department. Please join me in voting for Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff.

Tad Wetterau
Retired Detective Sgt.
Wisconsin Rapids Police Department

Kurt Heuer Endorsement

I am retired Wisconsin Rapids Chief of Police Kurt Heuer. I also had the honor of serving as Wood County Sheriff. During my time at Wood County I had the opportunity to work with, and get to know Shawn Becker. I watched Shawn grow as a leader and I am supporting him to be our next Sheriff in Wood County.

While I served as Sheriff, Shawn was selected to be on our Special Response Team, serve as a Field Training Officer and Traffic Crash Reconstructionist. Shawn’s willingness to work with others and exhibit sound officer safety tactics along with strong decision-making skills made him a natural fit for these responsibilities. Prior to leaving I promoted Shawn to Patrol Sergeant, his first leadership position.

After becoming Chief I continued to see Shawn’s career advance. He was promoted to Investigator Sergeant and had an excellent working relationship with other law enforcement agencies, including WRPD. Shawn took part in many joint investigations with our agency. He has a teamwork mentality and shared the same goal; solve the investigation for the victim. After spending several years as an Investigator he was promoted to a management position serving as Patrol Lieutenant, leading the entire Patrol Division.

Since being promoted to a management position, Shawn has continued to build strong relationships with other law enforcement agencies. He has been involved with the Wood County Drug Task Force since its inception. He understands the substance abuse and co-occurring mental health challenges and has taken on initiatives to address them.

Join me in supporting Shawn Becker to be our next Sheriff. He has the experience and leadership to serve Wood County at a high level.


I am writing this letter to show my support for Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff and to ask for yours. I met Shawn several years ago when his daughter, Jordan, joined the Aqua Skiers. From the start I realized what a level headed person Shawn is. At the time I did not know that Shawn was a member of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and it really didn’t make a difference. What I did find out is that Shawn is a great father who truly cares about his children.  

A few years later Shawn decided to join the Aqua Skiers. He worked diligently to become a part of the competitive ski team. Working every night possible to get that sit dock with a girl on his shoulders just right paid off when he was put in his first pyramid as a base. Shawn shows his humorous side doing land acts as part of the “redneck jump team” which has now claimed the comedy award for Division I for two years running.

I have had numerous opportunities to talk with Shawn and am always delighted with his sensible and realistic responses to whatever is thrown at him. Jordan has told me that her dad has had a lifelong dream of being a Sheriff. He has worked hard to make it this far, now let’s take him all the way. Vote Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff now, and again in November.

Best Regards,

Maggie Muleski


I’m Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas. It’s with great pride I endorse Shawn Becker to be your next Wood County Sheriff.  

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shawn throughout my law enforcement career. We worked together while we were both investigators for our departments. During this time we collaborated on numerous investigations including a homicide. Shawn showed the willingness to lend his abilities in the service to assist other agencies in Central Wisconsin and beyond. 


Furthermore, I have attended several community events with Shawn. We served food at local restaurant together where proceeds benefited Special Olympics. We also participated in opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics. I know Shawn is a fellow Lions Club member. He values the importance of being involved in the community, especially as a Sheriff.  

Shawn is also a leader on the Special Response Team. I spent several years with Portage County’s Special Response Team and work directly with Shawn through several combined department trainings. It is extremely important departments work collectively to combat crime and improve services to our areas. Throughout the years I have gotten to know Shawn he has proven to be an excellent, experienced leader Wood County deserves. He is respected by his colleagues, those he supervises and the community. 

Wood County Citizens deserve a leader like Shawn Becker. His experience in multiple specialized areas at the department coupled with his desire to improve services is clear.

Please join me in supporting Shawn to be your next Wood County Sheriff.  

Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas

Scott Parks Endorsement

I am Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks. I am endorsing Shawn Becker to be your next Wood County Sheriff. I have known Shawn for a number of years. I first met him while he was a law enforcement recruit at North Central Technical College many years ago. It has been a pleasure to see Shawn progress through the ranks at the Wood County Sheriff’s Office. Initially, he was hired as a Deputy, then promoted to numerous leadership positons, including several years as an Investigator. This promotion demands that a Deputy possess impeccable organizational skills. 

Shawn progressed to the position of Patrol Lieutenant and eventually Patrol Captain. As Patrol Captain, he oversees the Patrol Division and uniformed deputies. These positions have given him experience in maintaining a budget and effectively allocating resources in a fiscally responsible way.

Shawn has also been an instructor and teacher. He specifically taught defense and arrest tactics and the 

professional communication skills necessary for officers. His commitment to education and training encourages law enforcement officers to be the best they can be in carrying out their duties. Furthermore, Shawn’s involvement in the community is something we look for in a Sheriff.  

Shawn has had a well-rounded career and I know him to be someone you can work with. One of the most important attributes a leader in law enforcement must have is the ability to work closely with staff, other law enforcement agencies, other emergency services and the community. Shawn has proven this throughout his career. Shawn is respected by fellow officers, members of other departments, but especially by the community he serves. 

Please join me in supporting Shawn to be your next Wood County Sheriff. I know Shawn will meet the challenges of this position and exceed all of our expectations. 

Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks

Randall L. Revling Endorsement

Captain Shawn Becker for Sheriff!

I have known Captain Shawn Becker professionally for several years. Observing him in Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Training Classes, Captain Becker displayed exceptional leadership skills working very effectively with subordinates, peers and administrators. Captain Becker presented himself professionally, yet dealt with everyone in a personable and emphatic manner. 

Captain Becker displayed the ability to predict the future needs of his community and officers, along with the skills to develop solutions to meet those needs efficiently and cost effectively. Please consider Captain Shawn Becker for Sheriff of Wood County. 

Thank You,

Randall L. Revling
Captain (retired,)
Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Green Bay, WI
and WI Department of Justice Master Instructor (Emeritus.)

Clark D. Pagel Endorsement

I am honored to write this letter of support for Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff. I have known Shawn for over twenty years in both personal and professional settings. Shawn is a man of integrity and honorable principles. He honestly shares his opinions and is committed to those beliefs while still open to considering opposing views. He sincerely cares about other people and does whatever he can to help a person in need of assistance. 

I have had the great opportunity to work closely with Shawn in the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Emergency Communications and Agency Support Staff training. Shawn is 100% committed to the staff of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. In a variety of situations, I have witnessed his concern for his staff by taking personal risks in opposing collective thinking to proceed with what was in the best interest of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. He has gone to great lengths to ensure that the staff of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department receive contemporary and timely training. Shawn has made invaluable contributions in the training of future law enforcement officers through his voluntary work with curriculum development. The bottom line is that Shawn Becker cares for the citizens of Wood County and will do whatever is in his power to ensure the safety and well-being of those residing in the community. 


Clark D. Pagel. Ed.D

Criminal Justice Associate Dean (ret.)

Law Enforcement Training Academy Director (ret.)

Corrections Training Academy Director (ret.)

Dean Berres Endorsement

I am officially endorsing Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff. I retired from the Wood County Sheriff’s Department 5 years ago after 29 years of service. I was involved in the process of hiring, training and had the distinct honor of working with Shawn Becker during my career at the Sheriff’s Department. I worked with Shawn Becker on the patrol, SRT, and in Investigations during this time. Shawn has always impressed me with his ability to work with people, yet be firm when he needed to. I could always trust that Shawn had my back and was there when you needed help. Shawn Becker continued to advance himself through training and education while advancing his rank through the department. I have worked with or either trained the other candidates that are running for Wood County Sheriff. I can say without a doubt that Shawn Becker is the most qualified and strongest candidate on this ticket for Wood County Sheriff. The citizens of Wood County deserve the best, and by voting for and electing Shawn Becker for Sheriff will guarantee the Wood County Sheriff’s Department will be have the leader it needs to take it into the future.  

Dean Berres
Retired Wood County Deputy Sheriff


It is with great pleasure that I am endorsing Captain Shawn Becker for
the position of Wood County Sheriff.

I first met Captain Becker in 1994 at North Central Technical College
where he was a student in the Law Enforcement Academy and I was his
instructor. I recognized at that time that Shawn's commitment and
dedication in law enforcement was very strong

I also had the pleasure to teach with Shawn at Mid-State Technical
College and during this time I watched his growth from a young officer
to a position of management as a Captain on the Wood County Sheriff's
Department. I know that Shawn has the respect and support of many
officers from all of the Law Enforcement Agencies in Wood County.

With Captain Becker's 24 years experience in Law Enforcement which
includes 17 years in leadership, 19 years on the (SRT) Special
Response Team and 8 years in management, there is no doubt in my mind
that Captain Shawn Becker is the best candidate to be Wood County"s
next Sheriff.

Stan Potocki
Retired Sheriff
Portage County, WI

Katelyn Becker Endorsement

Our daughter Katelyn discussing the importance of mental health and how it connects to law enforcment.

Jordan Becker Endorsement

Our daughter Jordan discusses the importance of being involved in the community.

Personal Endorsements

Wisconsin Troopers' Association


The Wisconsin Troopers’ Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff. 

Shawn Becker brings a wealth of experience to the position he is seeking. He has been a law enforcement officer since 1995, holding positions of increasing responsibility at both Sauk Prairie Police Department and the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. He has experience as a Traffic Crash Reconstructionist, Field Training Officer and a Unified Tactics Instructor. Shawn has served on the Special Response Team (SRT) as a crisis negotiator and assistant team leader. 

In addition to his extensive law enforcement experience, Shawn Becker was assigned to serve as Captain of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division in 2015. 

Sergeant Thomas Erdmann, a member of the Wisconsin Troopers’ Association, stated, “Shawn Becker has demonstrated the skills necessary to lead the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. He understands how to build partnerships within the community, and he brings the right balance of preserving law and order while protecting the rights of victims and the accused.” 

Shawn Becker’s experience makes him the right choice for law enforcement, and his service has earned the respect and endorsement of the Wisconsin Troopers’ Association.